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Rubber Traffic Cone TTC20104 Specification£º700mm
Description£ºRubber Traffic Cone TTC20104 Specification£º700mm
    Desc ription: Aroad brand Rubber Traffic Cone
    Material: Rubber
    Specification: High 700mm, base dia. 360mm
    Use: Use for requiring compart vehicle temporarily, Guiding traffic, Directing vehicle crossing this dangerous, Protect facilities and person in construction. This product should be installed a warning lights if used in darkness.
    Characteristic: lightfast (the highest) is 8.5 grade. It will be not rupture under -40~70C temperature, durable exceed 2 years. For plastic cone, this superstructure and bottom could be separated, It will be easily fixed and replaced.
    Fitting parts: Warning lights of inner / outer / hang, plastic warning chain, all kinds of baluster and sign brand.
    Reflective material of cone surface: reflective film, PVC reflective sleeve, reflective powder, it will be chosed by customer according to your requirements.
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